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Date and Time

17 September 2022, Saturday
Semi-Final 1: 14:30-17:00
Semi-Final 2: 17:30-20:00

18 September 2022, Sunday
Final B: 9:00-11:30
Final A: 12:00-14:30


Complejo Deportivo Gaetà Huguet Avenida de Ribesalbes, nº9 2ª planta 12006, Castellón, Spain

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Competition Events

dna castellon competition events


Clash of the Clubs: Ratoath AC Team Profile
10 August 2022

Next month’s European DNA U20 Clubs event in Castellón, Spain, is set to be one of several high points in the 2022 season for Ireland’s Ratoath AC and a special occasion for the wider community supporting the club.

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Clash of the Clubs: Just 50 days to go
29 July 2022

As organisers round the bend into the preparation home straight, interest is building for the European DNA U20 Clubs event in Castellón, Spain, 17-18 September.
Billed as the Clash of the Clubs, the meeting hosted by the local club Playas de Castellón, European Athletics and the Royal Spanish Athletic Federation (RFEA) will be the first-ever international U20 competition using the Dynamic New Athletics format.

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  • The event will comprise four 2.5-hour matches:
    • Saturday (17 Sep): two semi-finals (top 3 to Final A, bottom 3 to Final B);
    • Sunday (18 Sep): Final B followed by Final A.
  • Six club teams will compete in each 12-event match.
  • Twelve teams of 18 athletes (9 men/9 women) each, plus reserves
  • Points scoring: 12 points: 1st place until 2 points: 6th place in each event
  • Winner decided in the last race (the Hunt): staggered start according to point ranking after 11 events
  • World Ranking points category D


Only athletes aged at least 16 years and no more than 19 years on 31 December 2022 may participate in this event.
In Shot Put (Men), only athletes aged at least 18 years and no more than 19 years on 31 December 2022 may participate in this event.
Entries & Reserves

  • Final entries: the teams are to provide the names for the main team (9+9) plus the reserves. No limit to reserves athletes entered, but teams must clearly indicate which ones are to travel and which ones are ‘non-travelling’ for accommodation and invoices planning purposes.
  • Final confirmations on site will be different for each Match (Day 1 separately from Day 2). Any athletes from the list of 9 + 9 and reserve athletes could be confirmed during final confirmations. Meaning, there could be differences from Day 1 to Day 2, if team decides so.
  • If late injury happens (after the final confirmation but before the first call times of the discipline), the substitution with a reserve or any athlete from the main team is possible. But the injury has to be confirmed by the medical officer from LOC and done before the first call times.