dna castellon clash of the clubs
dna castellon clash of the clubs 2022

“The inaugural DNA U20 Clubs competition involved, as its name implies, youth. It was also witnessed with enjoyment, I can personally vouch, by many others who fitted into that sacred category… Much whooping and shouting, and even some drumming, came from the respective teams and related supporters as they encouraged their fellow competitors.”

Mike Rowbottom
Chief Feature Writer

#DNACastellon a huge success

DNA Castellón – the Clash of the Clubs – was a huge success, delivering an event that drove massive digital viewership and engagement, and that was notable for the energy and excitement of fans, participating athletes and online audiences. As countless social posts and videos attested, the sheer euphoria of the clubs competing or celebrating at trophy presentations was a sight to behold.


AK Škoda Plzeň

ak skoda plzen


Sparta Atletik & Løb

sparta atletik lob


CD Surco Lucena

cd surco lucena


Playas Castellon

Playas Castellon


Clermont Auvergne Athlétisme

clermont auverge athetisme


Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC

blackheath and bromley


Ratoath AC

ratoath ac


ATL Studentesca Andrea Milardi & Fiamme Gialle Club

atl studentesca andrea milardi and fiamme gialle


Oslo og Akershus

oslo og akershus


TV Länggasse Bern

tv langgasse


ENKA Sports Club



Federació Andorrana d’Atletisme

Federació Andorrana d Atletisme

dna castellon clash of the clubs winners podium

“Wow, what an event! Met some wonderful people and had great fun while competing for the U20 team of @tvl.leichtathletik at the @dynamicnewathletics U20 Cup de Club. In the end I never lost a single battle in highjump and ran one of my fastest 400m splits in “The Hunt”. Swapped some jerseys along the days and partied with the other athletes.”

Silvan Ryser
TV Länggasse Bern Country

Delivering new youth social audiences

On social, DNA Castellón delivered new audiences in the ‘tricky to reach’ demographics that DNA has been developed to reach: 57% of audience gained were aged 13-24 and countless athletes, coaches and attendees created thousands of posts, Stories and dark social that reached hundreds of thousands in just a few days. Match streams were viewed upwards of 25,000 times across DNA Castellón weekend, and viewership is still growing!

dna castellon social media feed
dna castellon social media feed

Event Report

Dominant Enka are crowned DNA U20 champions in Castellon
18 September 2022

After Saturday’s sunshine, rain and cloud arrived in the Spanish coastal city of Castellón on Sunday (18) – but the concept of Dynamic New Athletics continued to shine brightly as the inaugural European DNA U20 Clubs competition concluded.

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17 September 2022, Saturday
10:30 – 13:00 Match 1
17:30 – 20:00 Match 2

18 September 2022, Sunday
9:00 – 11:30 Final B
12:00 – 14:30 Final A
14:30 Victory Ceremony

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