Why DNA?

You may have heard of DNA, you may have an interest in the future of athletics and you may be excited by innovation. But even if you are none of these, we are pleased to welcome you to the world of DNA! The first step is to give you the insights into what DNA REALLY is and why it has been created:

  • DNA, not the genetic kind, stands for Dynamic New Athletics and is a new event created by European Athletics that is based on the fundamentals of the sport of athletics.
  • Athletics is part of everyone’s DNA, we all learn to run, jump and throw when we are young, and now we are putting that all together for the future of athletics.
  • DNA is a new format of athletics that has been born out of extensive market research to best meets the expectations of a modern society.
  • Athletics is one of the most popular sports during the Olympic Games and now we want to make sure we are engaging with fans each and every year.
  • DNA wants to improve and make the most of engagement opportunities with the younger audiences to complement the existing athletics fan base.
  • DNA will not only be a sporting event but will focus on entertainment and integration of digital technology and social media. Picture DNA as the hip-hop of athletics!
  • DNA is athletics for a digital world: explosive, action packed, powerful. A new way for athletes to showcase their talent.
  • DNA is an additional expression of the sport we love for the 21st century.